California Gurls

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All-female Band

We are an all-female band from Berlin and our passion is the music. All members of the band have studied in the best universities all over the world. Gita, our lead singer and pianist, studied piano at UdK Berlin, and Lizzy, the drummer, in London. But the reason why we believe, that we are special, is, that we really feel what we do and we make people happy. The band really does play very good music. We play all kinds of 70´s and 80´s stuff, but fresh and new. We create our own styles and remixes and give the songs electronic sounds and jazzy tunes. And it is a Girlband, so it´s just Girls and music, and this is – as far as we are concerned – a very interesting combination. We can make you dance, if you like. But we can also make you just take a step back from your daily life and just let go and relax. In fact that is our special, you may listen to the band and feel great and calm, but you won´t be bored. Because you will feel, what we feel and you surely will be touched, if you really listen to us.


Our variety of girl bands and show acts

For over seven years now we play at big events and galas all over Germany and Europe. During that time period we gathered some beautiful professional musicians for our all- female band and with all of these ladies we can create a large variety of style and sound. When we perform with our lead vocalist and concert pianist Gita Delvenakiotis, Saxophone and Drums we do sound like a Jazz Band and we play beautiful standards and jazzy lounge versions of pop songs in the style of Nouvelle Vague and Beady Belle. But we also perform as show acts with a DJ and our own remixed dance songs, then we surely sound very fresh and modern. Most girls in the band sing very beautifully, therefore we often sing with second voices and various vocal harmonies. When our guitar players are booked for a performance we also do a lot of Rock and Pop songs and we sound like a coverband, which suits the weddings and all occasions in which the people want to have a good party.

Special Acts with DJane, Looping and Live Drums

If you wish to have a modern, electronic sound style for your event, you might like to book our special acts. We perform with a DJ and live Vocals from Gita or one of our other singers, Saxophone, Violin, Drums or even altogether, if you want us all to be there! But it already sounds awesome with just a duet, because we perform with our Loops and Beats and you can choose any of the instrumentalist with that act. We will play all the good House Music Tracks and some nice Pop and Dance Music.

Our Music makes you happy

We believe, that we can make you feel good, when you listen to our all- female Band. That´s just because we truly feel, what we do, and we are just ourselves. We think, that the audience is pretty satisfied with fake emotions, boring performances and bored musicians. We love what we do. Every single one performance of our Coverband is unique. We always do new songs, we do the latest Dance Tracks and we never repeat ourselves. That´s why some of our beautiful clients book us each and every year again – it does´t get boring. And if we ever feel bored when playing, we´ll find another job, we promise!

We also promise, that we will always give you all our passion and love for music to make any gig unforgettable. Lots of people all around the world remember us and our performance, and we are really grateful for all these beautiful listeners and fans we gathered over the years. We think, that is because the Band is just authentic and always will be. The truth is all we need.

Whatever kind of music it is, you love, most of it we can play for you – but we will do it our own way. You might want to hear “Satisfaction”, you will hear it, but in our Pearls of Berlin girl band kind of style. We play good old songs from the Talking Heads, Simple Minds, Brian Ferry and Phil Collins, because we believe it´s great music. But we will also be playing very modern stuff, such as Armand van Helden, Robin Schulz, Coldplay, Rihanna, Daft Punk and many more. But unless we play with the DJ we will always sound a little jazzy, a little funky and most of all very feminine!


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    Supersonic Waves
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    Sweet Seduction
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  • Lizzy Scharnofske
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