With our music we express our joy and lightness. When our girl band makes a cover version of song, we always want it to sound relaxed. Sometimes it sounds electronical, because most of us are kids of the 90s. But very often the style gets jazzy and soft, and we use it very often when booked as a longe band.
For us music is the fullfilling of our destination as well as part of the meaning of life. All songs come from this mystic source and are the prove of the reason why we are on this earth. This devotion makes the girl band shine bright and the music sound beautiful.

We are an all-female band with many faces.
Sometimes we are booked for lounge music and then we choose chill out stuff, repertoire with electronical influences, we use our looper and our synthesizers and make beautiful sound creations. Sometimes we play as a Gala band. for these occasions we choose the more traditional songs such as Jazz Standards and beloved Pop Music.
You can also have us for your party. Then we will play with a DJane and you will also hear Dance Tracks, Chart Hits and good Pop, R n´B and Rock Music.

We do more than 500 songs and every song can be played in a different version as well. Listen to our demos and you will hear both, Original versions as well as Bossa Nova Remixes and Jazzy versions.

The Lounge Band

This is how our Lounge Band can sound. We play Bossa Nova Versions of 70s and 80s tracks and Swing Versions of Pop and House Music. This is beautiful and relaxed entertainment for a get-together.

A forest (The Cure Cover in the style of Nouvelle Vague)

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The Party Band

The Party Band comes with a DJane, Keyboarder, Drummer, Sax and sometimes a guitar player. This is how the party sounds with the Pearls of Berlin.

Headlights (Robin Schulz Cover)

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